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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Greedy Pigs

Last week I received the following email from Gobble Monkey reader Lucy:

Hello Wise Gobble Monkey

Last weekend I went away to Edinburgh with friends. Whilst browsing in the gift shop at the Mary King Street Experience (don't ask) I came across THESE! (see pic attached.) They appear to be yet another variant of 'Percy Pigs', named 'Greedy Pigs', in fact, aesthetically they were exactly the same as Percy. However, at £3.99 a bag I refrained from purchasing. I immediately took a picture and have referred it to you for your consultation and analysis.

Lucy (an avid GM follower and fan)

Here's the pic:

More fake percys? Sadly I can not make out a single pig face among them (lovely nail varnish though, Lucy) so analysis is difficult. But judging by the list of ingredients I can make an artists impression of what a 'Greedy Pig' would look like:

I rate them 6 out of 7 based purely on this, making them superior to the real Percy. Hope that helps Lucy. Next time you're at the Mary King Street Experience  fork out the £3.99 and buy I pack - I guarantee* you'll love them!

Now the line-up looks like this:


In other Percy news, Marks and Spencer have released a limited edition Christmas variation, Piglet Party.

A piglet party sounds like fun doesn't it? At least that idiot Percy won't be there, right? Being a fully grown pig and all. OH NO LOOK ACTUALLY HE IS COMING.

Now, how come that one piglet doesn't get a party hat? Did Percy steal it and put it on his own head? Maybe Percy hates him. He certainly seems to like squashing his head. 

And what festive thoughts is Percy thinking? What thoughts of joy and happiness are running through this head as he plays with his precious children at this special time of year? That's right, "no artificial colours or flavourings".

The sweets themselves are very nice - a mixture of gum and foam fruit flavoured mini pug faces, similar to the available-all-year-round Percy Piglets. 5 out of 7.

*this is in no way a guarantee

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  1. Haha yet more additions to the percy range!! I bet some more will come up around Easter!!