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Monday, 30 January 2012

Philadelphia: Cadbury

Listen - putting Cadbury chocolate into Philadelphia Cheese is a GOOD idea, so stop thinking it isn't.

There's a Depression on you know. Some people can't afford to buy both chocolate and cheese anymore. This is a vital life line. Stop being so selfish.

Just ask Brian O'Sullivan, managing director of Kraft Food Ireland:

"We are really proud to announce the launch of Philadelphia with Cadbury,” said Brian O’Sullivan, managing director, Kraft Foods Ireland. “It represents a bold cross-category innovation which brings together two iconic brands to create a new sub-category in the chilled aisle and a great tasting product for Philly and Cadbury lovers everywhere.”

Thanks Brian - but just but slapping together two random things in a pot doesn't get you a brand new "sub-catergory" - if it was that easy I could just put a sausage in a yoghurt and demand that Sainsbury's create an entire new aisle for it immediately.

It does sound like Kraft have done some canny market research here though  - apparently around 99.9% of all people who like cheese also like chocolate, so the most logical thing is to do is stuff them together into one pot as quickly as possible. I'm actually surprised it took them this long to think if it. I mean, we all enjoyed Philadelphia with Garlic and Herb. We all enjoyed Philadelphia with Chives. So this is just a natural progression.

Luckily parent company Kraft make both Philadelphia and Cadburys, so i assume they just redirect a pipe somewhere.

In truth, it's a sign of the times that there are few completely new products around. In an unpredictable market, it's far less risky to bolt-on a existing brand name to a well known product than release something unknown.
In the future, there will be no new ideas at all, and instead all ideas will merely be amalgamations of pre-existing concepts - like potatoes and bricks, or a kitten and a door-stop.

Cadbury Philadelphia is merely the beginning, my friends, of a long slippery slope that will lead into the endless recycling and combining of everything until all things are one homogeneous mass. A bit like a massive McFlurry.

But it is a very tasty slope so don't worry too much.

The big question - is it more chocolatey cheese or cheesy chocolate? Well, despite being 56% cheese, it's chocolatey with a slight after taste of cream cheese. A bit like a cheesecake. AND IT'S DELICIOUS.

Ultimately there are few products that aren't improved by adding chocolate. And while I can't see myself putting it in a smoked salmon bagel, "Philly Choc" would make a lovely alternative to chocolate spread on a bit of toast, as a dip for a Twix finger, or, my preferred method, just spooned directly into my mouth.

Philadelphia Cadbury, £1.62
Gobble Monkey says: 6 out of 7



  1. I've been mixing them both together for years in cheesecakes so I don't see how there can be anything wrong with this!

  2. Cream cheese and Cadbury chocolate... what have we got to lose???

  3. They've had a milka version on the continent for a while, which is yummy!

  4. I found this really strange tasting..i didnt like it at all..which is odd since I really like chocolate cheesecake and the like..but i didnt even think this was that had a sort of odd flavour to me.

  5. Looks very nice! I'll be trying it out.

  6. Looks amazing. You could spread it on a digestives and call it a chocolate cheescake and serve them at dinner parties as a canape or something.

  7. Tried it on a plain lightly toasted bagel & on digestive biscuits, whilst its quite nice, its just a bit too chocolatey, the taste of the cream cheese is pretty much absent

  8. I eat 2 jars of nutella a day, so I can imagine that the texture could be quite similar, yet still completely new. I adore making cheesecakes, so to have the best bit of any cheesecake in a tub, with easy spoon access, is incredible.

  9. 2 jars of nutella a day ??? That's just pure greed !!

  10. in austria they have Milka Philli....even better than cadbuties!

  11. I love cheesecake in all its varieties, but when I tried this, I thought it was disgusting. They're trying to position it as a rival to Nutella, but Nutella wins hands-down on flavour and texture.