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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rowntree's Randoms: Squidgy Speak

Hey! We all remember Rowntree's Randoms don't we? Foam gums shaped as "crazy" "random" objects like an ice cream cone or a trumpet or something like that. Ha ha I am laughing just thinking about them.

Well, Rowntree's have had another random idea! Instead of bothering to actually make the foam shapes, now they are just making rectanglular-shaped gums with the "random" words written on them. Saves a lot of time at the factory you see. 

One day we'll be able to just buy a packet of sweets without the chore of actually having to eat them, won't we? And we can just make funny sentences or laugh for a full 10 minutes at a foam trombone, without having to bother actually chewing anything. ONE DAY.

OK so each gum has a "random" word on it. There's only 40 possible words in total you can get, so they're actually not THAT random, but hey, you can't expect Rowntree's to think of any more than 40 crazy words like these. They'd go insane. 

Here's some of the words I was lucky enough to get in my packet: (GET READY FOR HILARITY!) 





Actually sorry not sure what that one is. 

Anyway, now you can make very amusing sentences such as: 

HA HA HA. Hedgehog teapot clock! How quirky. It's almost a shame to eat them isn't it?! (Well, actually it is a shame because they taste disgusting.)

But don't take my word for how fun Squidgy Speak are, just ask Rowntree's trade communications manager Graham Walker: 

With its quirky personality, Randoms has proven such a success with consumers that we recognised the opportunity to extend the brand with another fun new product," he says. "Retailers looking to maximise sales should locate next to Rowntree’s Randoms on the fixture to ensure strong visibility."

Graham sounds fun and quirky himself, doesn't he? Extending brands, ensuring strong visibility etcetera etcetera... He's like a walking Rowntree Random is our Graham. 

They should of let him go that meeting where they chose the 40 words. He's got loads of ideas. I'd love to see words like 'Extending", "Visibility", "Consumer" and "Graham" in Squidgy Speak. That would actually be more random than hedgehog. 

Why is hedgehog such a "random" word anyway? Surely any word taken out of context is random. The only truly non-random word they could really put on a Squidgy Speak is "random". Or this of course:

That's my favourite one. 

Rowntree's Randoms Squidgy Speak, 45p
Gobble Monkey says 3 out of 7


  1. I think it says 1990's in that pink one!

  2. Should the pink one really say faggot on it?

  3. It really does look like faggot...

  4. So glad you're back (and on form)

  5. Thank goodness you are back and in rare form...please dont leave again

  6. Quite frankly I couldn't care what the words on the individual sweets are, as I'm sure 90% of consumers would agree. It is the TASTE of the sweet that matters and I have yet to find a jelly confectionery that comes close to the delicious Squidgy Speak.